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Lo-Fi Worship

Bifrost Arts from josh franer on Vimeo.

I saw this video on The Resurgence.  What a cool concept - to get the worship service back to roots and away from major production.  Not that the production is bad - it's just distracting at times.  Which is bad.  Hmmm.

I am sad that we do not all sing.  I am sad when I see people who refuse to sing in church, prayer meetings, etc.  I am sad when I do not sing (literally!).

There are many benefits to singing. When I sing I can ward off (or chase away) depression, declare truth over my life and pray to God.  Even humming can open up our sinus cavities.  (curious?  Google search it)

There are many benefits to singing together.  We encourage each other and we feel unified by our voices in unison.  (If we're really risky, the bible even commands us to sing spiritual songs to one another in Ephesians 5, so we should be doing that).

There are many benefits to playing music.  It's a learned skill - something that helps to open up our brains…

New Songs Of Praise: Why I Believe Hymns are Necessary

Something that I think about often is the way to engage many generations in worship. Mostly, the 4 that are living on the planet now...just staying relevant, y'know!
Recently, I led worship at a conference with a mix of both baby boomers+ and young people (probably 75% boomers+). I didn't realize this, but the song selection I had was pretty "on" when it comes to the guidance from this blog post from David Good, a seasoned worship leader (27 years in the church leading, God bless him!):
New Songs Of Praise: Why I Believe Hymns are Necessary: "As a worship leader, I am in a quandary. At 48 years of age and after doing this for 27 years now I find myself in the unique position of ha..."
Not losing the Hymns and where we have come from is very important - I did sing a hymn mid day at the conference. It was a bit different in rhythm ("Come Thou Fount"), but the reason was to make it singable for all attending.
Anyways, this post is probably just more f…

In Response to "A Little Exposure" - Destinies

'My Sarah' has a 'her Sarah.'  Like, a best friend.  And best-friend-Sarah blogs.

So, on best-friend-Sarah's blog there was a post on False Humility.  This rang true with a lot going on right now in my own reflections - so I decided to comment.  Well, that comment got a little too long, so it's turning into a post:

[Sarah's blogpost here]

My too-long-for-comment-comment:

Excellent post, sister.  I actually just listened to Mark Driscoll's message on the parable of the Wedding Feast...I got me rocked due to the problem of pride, which is often what i'm accused of when tempted into false humility!

Something I wrote down the other day while contemplating/praying about competition: I was sitting in a room full of very talented men - very gifted.  And began to realize how awesome each one of us was.  And began to be a little jealous.  Shutting down all the lying crap, I wrote in my notes:

"God has enough destinies for all of us.  There's no reas…


Hello World.
Well, I now have my own URL now:  I decided to snag it, since all the other David Chapdelaine's hadn't yet.
If you go there (or you already went) you'd notice that it looks pretty much the same as this space.  That's because, well, it is.
I figured i'd just go with the free-way of using blogger, and have the site direct everyone here.  I've heard rave reviews of WordPress as a blog builder (my brother uses WordPress for his webspace at so I may switch in the future - but you can always find the direct route now through
Other than that, preparing now for a conference with Matt and Dana Candler from IHOP-KC (Dana's the author of a book that helped to wreck my life, in a good way).  I'll be leading worship through music and backing up on lead guitar this weekend.
Also, I will be beginning a round table training with some friends we met early on in our move to Cincinnati.  The tra…

Luke Wood - I belong to the man (I Would Give Anything)

Another song I figured out last fall for a worship with the word set at C-HOP. I don't believe it's recorded yet, but Luke Wood (IHOP-KC) sings it, and I'm guessing from the writing style that he wrote it as well.


I Would Give Anything (I belong...)
Luke Wood

Am Em D D
I belong to the man from Nazareth
He's got wounds in his feet, and scars in his hands
and He loves me with an everlasting love

I belong to the King of Israel
He conquered death and holds the keys of hell
and He loves me with an everlasting love everlasting love (repeat)

Am Am G D

Jesus, I would give anything
nothing withhold

I would search for you
like silver and gold

That I would taste the glory of
knowing you, Lord [Am, Em, D]

Am - G - D - D
With all my heart,
all my soul,
all my strength.

As for other thoughts -

I have been venturing into leading with electric guitar now with band mates on Sunday evenings. So far, I have found Tremolo and Delay to be my friends, I will probably be adding some mil…