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Whitewashing the Problems

Daily I am reminded of the need of change in our cities.  As I pray day to day, I am reminded that redemption is the major theme of the work of God.  A lot of what is going on today in the US's urban centers is not redemption.  

I was reminded of this yesterday as I flipped on NPR, an article came on about the local laws which have been changed to help "revive" the inner-urban core.  The laws pretty much focus on pushing out those who used to daily populated the park before the massive remodel.

It's understood that we want clean parks, safe parks...but this idea of 'redemption' is not the redemption I pray for.  It's similar to whitewashing.  There is no real change in the people downtown, just some fountains, grass and bricks.  No lives transformed, just spread around and pushed away into other parts of the city.

So, now we have a "nice" urban center, but it's a facade.

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