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It's been awhile since I've really posted. Right now I'm studying web design techniques and making notes for future training classes. I decided to take a break (I've been going pretty solid at it since 9am, it's 2pm right now).

I've studied more in the past week than I have since I graduated college...which is no surprise, really. For some reason, though, I am able to focus better on one subject at a time rather than jumping from one hour of to one hour of Communication Criticism, and then to Business Communication.

I have also found that it is helpful to listen to music while I go through. Kind of reminds me harp and bowl (Revelation style...or IHOP style.

Also, my own preference has been to get out in public. See, I tend to stay in my PJ's a little too long if I'm working @ home. I think that actually getting ready for the day in the AM at home is helpful (kind of like dressing business-style for a phone interview).

Keeping focus in a public are…

A Gift for my Blogger Friends

Hey Blogger friends,

I found a way to get rid of the navBar at the top of the page.

Past this into the "Edit HTML":

#navbar-iframe {
display: none !important;}

Yay! Stupid bar's been bothering me. It will buy me more time on blogspot knowing it's gone rather than dipping out to my own server (now that i'm learning all that fun HTML stuff!)

Credit is due to Blogger Banner: