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One of my relatives.

This is not a full post. Just a link to an interesting person in my family.

He was a martyr, if i'm reading that right.

A small article, but it is good to be reminded of the sacrifice that has been made for beliefs.

Earth Day 2009 - irony

Sarah and I were planning on going to the local Earth Day celebration this past Saturday. It's a gathering downtown on the river, in one of my favorite spots in the City. Sawyer Point is a nice area, and I really like that they have events there almost all summer, every weekend.

Now, I said we were planning on going. I heard this thought in my head 'you should go to the park.' Interesting. We'd been planning on going to this Earth Day fest for a couple weeks.

I took a mental note of my mental thought and moved on with my morning.

After our Cincy-Artists meeting at C4Yourself gallery, a friend walks up and tells me he'd just gone for a walk. When I asked where to, he said "Newport." Four miles round trip. That is awesome.

Then I asked him about Earth day and if he saw any of the preparations for the day. He said that he did see some people with vans setting up and carrying boxes covered in Chinese writing. Seriously.

That was the moment I knew I was s…

"22 Weeks" - the movie I do not want to see

It's been awhile since I have posted simply my thoughts and conversations in general. I think I could actually say "years". Here's something that hit me deep yesterday.

While breaking yesterday, I noticed a link on IHOP-KC's Tweet for a movie titled "22 Weeks." I saw it was an indie-type promotion, and figured it was probably surrounding a serious topic. When I went to the site and watched the trailer, something inside me moved. Or shifted. I'm not sure.

I think the something was my spirit. From the trailer, the movie (22 Weeks) is about a young woman who has an abortion and is then (mistakenly?) locked inside a bathroom inside the clinic. The trailer got my attention, it wasn't some cheese-trailer for a Christian B-Movie.

It has been a long time since I have felt a stir that deep to pray for the women who are in this situation. Not in a bathroom in an abortion clinic, but debating inside on what to do, before the clinic.

In Greater Cincin…

Learning about HTML

I'm learning about HTML and CSS, design and principles of design in my work right now. You'll notice some changes to my blog...i'm doing it by editing the "HTML" under layout in blogger.

I remembered one rule about webpages from college: make your background image small so pages don't take more than a couple seconds to load up. I broke that rule because I like the picture of the paper bag.

There is a way around this: I can make the image smaller and have it repeat. I'll work on that. As for right now, enjoy the image "wipe" across the screen.

SPIRITUAL REFERENCE: I started this blog so I could log my own thoughts to share with others what I was thinking about spiritually. How does all this HTML relate to spiritual life? Well, much like my web pages, I am constantly 'under-construction' on the inside. I only display what is going on internally.

How's that?


Free Phil Wickham

Hey All,

Phil Wickham, one of the songwriters whose songs I hear in the KC IHOP prayer room is giving away a live album if you sign up for a newsletter.

Now, I can't say this is the best Live recording I have ever heard. I can't say that it's the most worship-ful album I have heard...but the songs are well written, and the lyrics are right-on.

-a couple tracks to note.

Singalong - Free

Enjoy. I'm listening right now.

I just realized...

...i've had this blog for almost 5 years. That's pretty amazing.

I'm currently learning a lot about life, organization and technology in my internship with MTech Solutions. The past few days i've been cranking through The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People (most people have heard of this...mid-90's, very popular). I'm finding it very stretching to my mostly disorganized life, oddly enough, I like it. I've needed a book like this for some time.

I have been reading books from a great publisher I had not heard of until my training called Head Start. If you ever have a need to learn something math or computer related, and you don't want to go to the same old text books, try any book by this publisher. It's like the pink bubblegum medicine form of learning: still gets the job done but tastes great.

Adventures in foster-parenting is always interesting. Just finished 2 hours of training the other night @ a support group for NKY foster parents. I lear…