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'My Sarah' has a 'her Sarah.'  Like, a best friend.  And best-friend-Sarah blogs.

So, on best-friend-Sarah's blog there was a post on False Humility.  This rang true with a lot going on right now in my own reflections - so I decided to comment.  Well, that comment got a little too long, so it's turning into a post:

[Sarah's blogpost here]

My too-long-for-comment-comment:

Excellent post, sister.  I actually just listened to Mark Driscoll's message on the parable of the Wedding Feast...I got me rocked due to the problem of pride, which is often what i'm accused of when tempted into false humility!

Something I wrote down the other day while contemplating/praying about competition: I was sitting in a room full of very talented men - very gifted.  And began to realize how awesome each one of us was.  And began to be a little jealous.  Shutting down all the lying crap, I wrote in my notes:

"God has enough destinies for all of us.  There's no reason for me to think about this next person's and try to compete with them for theirs."

How crazy would it be if we were all fighting for the next person's life?  Like, what they want?

Well, I think that in some ways, we're all guilty of that.  I am.

I don't think that the church has reached a point where so many of us have come to our destinies or full maturity to where we need to start competing with one another for positions or ministries, jobs, etc.

So, the humility thing - accepting where I am gifted (as you said "spiritual DNA") the way that God has made me - is key to living a fulfilled life.  I am not your typical business CEO material.  And i'm OK with that!  And i'm excited that some that I know are totally business CEO material.

Even more exciting is the gifting that I DO have!  And the human race needs my gift.

Thanks, Sarah!


  1. "Likes" this! Lettin' our little lights SHINE!

  2. Uh, I should mention that the room I was sitting in was an actual room of men that were very gifted...a leadership training thing. :)


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