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Dedicated Writing Time

Blogroll today revealed a post "Advice for Worship Leaders #1".  I'm assuming that there will be more in this series...

Justin Rizzo is a songwriter/worship leader - his thoughts brought conviction to my own avoidance of songwriting; and gives me hope - even if i'm uninspired, prayer is the avenue to begin with.  It's important to sit down to write, "God has songs reserved just for you," Justin says.

Full post: (c) 2011 Justin Rizzo -

Transcribing Music (for Worship)


tr.v.tran·scribedtran·scrib·ingtran·scribes1. To make a full written or typewritten copy of (dictated material, for example).

I've transcribed a few worship songs, and shared them here.  I cannot tell you how much transcribing has improved my musical skills.  If you play instruments, or casually know a few guitar chords and want to grow your skill from your bedroom, begin to transcribe a song that you really connect with.  Here's a little of my story with transcribing.

It started when I began playing music, and playing worship songs.  My dad brought a 28.8kbs modem home from work in the early 90's, and I began to find new, fresh tunes for worship leading via the internet (I was 12-13 at that point).  It was a lesson in patience as the chord sheets and tabs wipe-loaded down the computer screen.

Problem was, I noticed that some of the chord sheets that musicians were loading on random websites didn't sound right when I played them.  Yes, I had just …

Five Sentence Update

1. My brother is married, and I am so happy for both he and his bride. 2. Returned from California and vacation refreshed and ready to dive into more musical prayer. 3. We prayed that M (son) would be adopted by today (his birthday!) last year, and he'll be adopted on the 22nd! 4. We don't mind the few weeks' difference from the actual prayer request. 5. Looking at new guitars currently (acoustic), a "step up" mainly; as a friend said "you should have one, I mean, it's like your livlihood, right?"  Yep. Full post, new songs soon.  I've figured out songs, mainly from the IHOP prayer room, that aren't currently offered in sheet-music form online.  If you have particular song requests, feel free to ask.