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Free your Freegal Music - Freegal App to iTunes

File this post under 'Random Nerdiness.'

I found out about "Freegal" - an app/service for free music downloads.  Depending on your library (yes, you have to have a library card!) you can get 3 to 5 songs free each week from a large database of music.

Being that the budget has gone in the direction of feeding children, Freegal has opened up a part of me that I killed for the sake of responsibility.  I really enjoy having new songs that I own - and that's exactly what Freegal gives you - free MP3's each week.

Here's the problem: if you download the music to the app, Apple has made it difficult to "Free the Freegal" music and add it to your iTunes library.  There is a way around this, and I have not found an article online that gives a good step-by-step to do this.

So, I will attempt to explain how to get songs from Freegal on an iOS device to your iTunes music library.

1. Get the Freegal App (free music, seriously)
2. Download songs from the data…