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Keeping Healthy

Welcome back,

Well, I have had an interesting couple days. Yesterday I could hardly move my body, therefore keeping me indoors the whole day, no classes, no walking, etc. I am pretty sure that I had some sort of flu yesterday, and my temperature didn't break until sometime last night. mmmm! Waking up in a pool of your own sweat! Yummy.

Today I haven't really eaten anything; i've just been downing the liquids as much as possible. Nick hypothosizes that it all started with something I ate. Yuck. Food grosses me out right now.

As far as the effects of sickness, I have found it very discouraging that I cannot concentrate on my readings for classes. I realize the truth of the situation though: I am sick! My stomache aches like no other, and my body is just tired in general. I was able to go to my classes today, but I still feel defeated. Like i'm not doing good enough...ugh! What a lie...

Despite the sickness, some great news from yesterday: I have been accepted to be an RA …