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"Pay no attention to me,
dancing with my girl.
We have every intention
to be failures in this world."

-Aaron Weiss, mewithoutYou

A couple of gifts

My parents just went on their 25th anniversary honeymoon. While they were there, they thought of us. I received a recycled bike chain bottle opener. My wife received a small pewter house hook, and a stuffed dinosaur for her preschool classroom.

I focus more on the 25 years. Thank you, mom and dad! You set a beautiful example of commitment to love.


You want what?

Hey Amigos,

Sarah and I dialogged this morning about communal living a bit. She has been in Acts 2 and 4 studying how the early Christians lived. Recently I found some photos of a place in UCHISAR, Turkey where the remains of original Christian (and non-believers) villages in caves. Search Google for some pictures, there are a lot. I noticed how connected these houses were, and couldn't help but connect community and close dwelling.

Some know that a friend is coming to live with us in just a couple weeks. This is a movement towards what I believe sharing my possessions openly means. Mi casa es tu casa. I want to be in the place where my belongings are no longer mine, but truly the Lord's, sharing them with people. From my house down to my coat, my chairs to my guitars.

As our friend comes to live with us, however, I believe there is something deeper needed in our commune. Problems and conflict are going to happen when people live together, we're human. I do not want…


Hey Friends & fam,

Sarah and I are officially moved into our new house, and we are presently working on making it a home. I wanted to post some photos so you could see what we have. We have completed the hardwood flooring/sanding/finishing/sealing, which you can see in our photo album. I'll have more picture updates on our blog here pretty regularly. Check back!

Photo album (bookmark it!)

David & Sarah