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Adoption and a Break (Slight-Randimonium Post)

Sarah and I talk more and more about adoption right now .

Sarah and I are looking forward to the next season, my brother's wedding, a massive amount of Chapdelaine family in one place and a break.

I used to think it most honorable to stick your head down for a long period of time and accomplish a lot of tasks, missions, work (like, head down for years at a time).  Then I realized how fast people burn out without refreshing and a fresh pouring in of life.

Some can do that for long periods of time.  Sinkhole syndrome can happen so fast with that perspective on life.  (Search Sinkhole, and Sinkhole syndrome if you're curious about that one.  I've blogged about it before).

So, i'm going to lift my head up in a short time to enjoy uninturrupted time with Sarah (a lot more than just the bike ride I just posted). 

May God have His way.  Continue Your work, Lord.  Continue to pour out life into your people.

Family Focus

Recently I was told that family focus needs to be high on the priority list.  Duh.  But it's not "duh."  Our culture pretty much goes the opposite direction - and getting caught in the culture swell is easy.
The enemies are out to destroy.  So we duck and cover.  Not.
When I was reminded of this truth about family - I looked at my own priorities and saw that I tended to look like the culture in more ways than I liked to see.
Lots of time with family - engaged with family.  Our family is a troop, and Sarah and I are leading it.  And our troop looks different month to month, especially recently (we just got a new little guy last week...).  We need more than to be on the same page through life - we need some together time, alone, to make this all the real deal.
We make fun of Covington a lot (where else do you see man and wife riding a 50cc scooter sharing a cigarette on the main drag?) - but thanks to the awesome Fairchild family taking over kid responsibilities for the night,…

June 14 Five-Sentence Update

1. Our family is currently 4 (again).2. Youth group coming to C-HOP tonight to learn about the Prayer Room, prayer and music. 3. My hair is short, which means (apparently) I need a haircut more often. 4. We seem to have lost our family point-and-shoot camera (bummer.) 5. Observation: how amazing is is that a guitar has only 6 strings, and it seems that we have yet to finish it's potential (or maybe say it this way: a guitarrist who says "i'm just bored" is in cop-out mindset.)
Bonus: Those of you who are waiting for a support letter this month, we're working on it! (Sorry for the delay, new printer, figuring out labels...)

The Joy of Being Lovesick - Luke Wood

Luke Wood is quickly becoming one of my favorite songwriters.  A cool pop-folk type sound, great lyrical artistry and some fun blues-style licks that some lead-lover can figure out if they'd like (post in comments if you tab them up).

Here's one of his I couldn't find online.  Enjoy.

The Joy of Being Lovesick Luke Wood [I play capo 3 or 4 (D# or E)] Main Line: Am – F – C
V1 Bridegroom’s been a long time coming Bridegroom’s been a long time coming And I have this heavy burden called longing Until You return (repeat)
Inst: Am – F – C
V2 Bridegroom’s been a long time coming Bridegroom’s been a long time coming And we who miss you have been mourning Until you return (repeat)
Pre-Chorus: Dm I’m sick with love F Until you come C                                                                        G Look what you’ve done my Lord
I’m sick with love
Until You come
And now my heart is torn
Chorus: G                                       F                  C In the midst of the great delay G                   …

Because I want drummers to like playing with me...

I think my favorite part in this video is when he talks about 'the room is following the drummer, not the piano player (or worship leader).'

I may go so far as to say that I've discovered that the drummer is the one who leads a band.  The drummer is the one to control the feel of the room I want them to be my friend.

I hate metronomes (which means I need more practice!).  My Sarah tells me it's always good to be on time.

So, for you band leaders, here's a little drummer perspective.  I've been enjoying these (there's, like, 10 of them) - getting in the thoughts of a drummer.

Does it really matter?

If I die today, no one will wonder:
"did he wash the dishes today?"  "is his lawn mowed?"
But wife, kids, Love, joy, peace...those are what pans out, even in the eyes of man.