Hello World.
Well, I now have my own URL now:  I decided to snag it, since all the other David Chapdelaine's hadn't yet.
If you go there (or you already went) you'd notice that it looks pretty much the same as this space.  That's because, well, it is.
I figured i'd just go with the free-way of using blogger, and have the site direct everyone here.  I've heard rave reviews of WordPress as a blog builder (my brother uses WordPress for his webspace at so I may switch in the future - but you can always find the direct route now through
Other than that, preparing now for a conference with Matt and Dana Candler from IHOP-KC (Dana's the author of a book that helped to wreck my life, in a good way).  I'll be leading worship through music and backing up on lead guitar this weekend.
Also, I will be beginning a round table training with some friends we met early on in our move to Cincinnati.  The training is through Compass Consultation, and promises to be great, based on the reviews I have heard thus far.  I look forward to growing.
My intention is to post a little more regularly with some little tidbits - if I get one or two posts a month, i'll be happy!
Peace to you,


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