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On The More Spiritual Side

I have probably checked my email 10 times more than average today. It is a good thing, at least I am getting back to people quickly. I was taken inside my heart by my Aunt Therese's email talking about a song by the band 'Mercy Me' entitled 'Spoken For' I believe. It was hardly mentioned in her email, but my response really revealed something that I find uncomprehensible.

I'll let you read for yourself.

I'm picking up your Jars CD and I also want to get the Mercy Me CD. Uncle Joe loves the song Spoken For . . . He says the words give him chills every time he hears it. He likes the part where the song says "that one's mine" I really like
another song on that CD but my mind is blanking right now as to what it is.
I think their song writing is great. Are you going to be home for Easter?

I got it! "Here with me"


[My Response]

Hey Aunt-T,

'Spoken For' is such an amazing song. Over the past few weeks I have
been learning a lot abou…
My dad just sent me this picture. DisneyLand From left to right: Bryan (4), Myself (7), My Dad (30) , Jeff (on Dad's lap, 2). [circa 1990]