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Living Sacrifice

Though the lyrics may be hard to understand:

"I am in Christ
A son of God
I am in Christ
No longer condemned
I am in Christ

Finding the rest of the lyrics has proved impossible. These are enough to stick in my head.

Life is hard, Part 2

Ephesians 2:10
For we are his workmanship (artwork),
created in Christ Jesus for good works,
which God prepared beforehand,
that we should walk in them.

God has had a plan for my life before time. Pride is still an enemy, and when it comes down, we are able to live out who we really are.

When I finally let go of this earthly system that I think is the only way, I am able to live out my purpose. I was created as an artwork of God. Why try to be something else? Like a wooden block?

Why are you trying to be a gear, when God created you to be a beautiful piece of artwork?

"Love, predestined before time;
This is my purpose
to be a child of God
This is my purpose
to be an heir of God."
-Justin Rizzo set, IHOP, May 28, 2009

Life is hard.

...and walking with God doesn't make it easier.

If there's one thing I have found God wants to erase completely in my life, it's pride. The way to erasing pride is dishing out the humility.

"We better trash our idols if we want to be
In the army of the Lord
And the greatest idol is you and me,
We better get on the threshing floor
When will we learn that God's strategy
Is giving glory to the Lord?
We better trash our idols if we want to be
In the army of the Lord."
Jason Upton - "Dying Star"

As I get deeper in the bible and the teachings of Jesus, I realize that he preaches the opposite of what I see in the world: if you want to go up, you have to go down; if you want to be great, you have to become poor...yeah, stuff I've heard since I chose to follow Jesus. Now i've reached a point where these things are played out in my life, though.

And it is so hard.



So, I listened to Mike Bickle's "Power of a Focused Life." It is by far, the most passionate and practical thing I have heard in a long time. Based in the Word (which I cannot find the verse? some help, please!), he points out that people "perish" not die outright, but slowly waste away. Yuck. Brings the Sarlacc pit to mind.

OK, so I also listened to his Power of a Focused Life on bible teaching, which is pt. 2 (all this is available on and I decided to start reading. He recommends reading a top-10 list of books.

So, this past week, I started. Here's why i'm excited: i'm waking up early, i'm beginning to focus and i'm reading 200% more than I was the week before. I think that's progress!

I've thought about it for years: A book I've never really touched Isaiah, minus some of the awesome "bind up the brokenhearted" type-stuff. So i'm reading it. I am gaining the perspective of this prophet.…

Unashamedly LIFE

I love LIFE. Especially this one.

If You Like Notes

Today I felt that I should post this. Not sure why. It's a set of notes I took today from a talk from Mark Driscoll.

Lately, i've been realizing the dichotomy of listening to Mark Driscoll and Mike Bickle as two of my major influences. To most, they are totally opposite ends of the spectrum as far as the human doctrine goes. I like being stretched by each man's downloads of info and insight.

Something I noticed while taking notes: Driscoll's and Bickle's definition of humility are so similar.

Keep in mind, this is how I take notes. A little hard to read, I know.

Mark Driscoll : Humble Pastors, 1 Peter
1 Peter 5:2
Kings: administrative, enjoys numbers, fair salaries, budget of money, love people in practical ways
-the leader with stewardship gifts
Prophets: Discernment, finding the heretics, oversight
Priests: Mercy works, serve projects

Pastors are like the Oxen: (see scripture)
-without feeding the oxen, they will plow, but shrivel and die.
-3 years ago, Mark Drisco…