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There's More To This World Than What We See...


Welcome back. It's already been a week and a day back in school...Only 15 more to go? Something like that.

To be totally honest, coming back has been a transition for me. Going home for the long break was great...and reviving. I really enjoyed going home this time; I won't's hard going home from school. It's a different world. One of my friends described it as 'everything staying still while you're away; then you come back...and despite the fact you've grown so much, your family desperately tries to cram you back into the child they knew for so long.' I agree. I suspect that you most likely know exactly what I'm talking about. This time, though...I went home under the definition of 'guest'. I mean, for is my dad's house. It was so relaxing to be back just under that identity.

I had a great time in Seattle with my little cousins Makena, Katerina and Samantha. I would totally put pictures in here if I had digi…