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Something To Ponder

YoU hAvE jUsT bEeN PiMp KiSsEd! ToNiGhT aT mIdNiGhT yOuR tRuE lOvE wIlI rEaLiZe ThEy LiKe YoU. SoMeThInG gOoD wIlL hApPeN tO yOu At 1:00-4:00 Pm ToMmOrOw It CoUldD bE aNyWhErE.GEt ReAdY fOr ThE bIgGeSt ShOcK iN yOuR lIfE. If YoU bReAk ThIs ChAiN u WiLl Be CuRsEd WiTh ReAltTiOnShIp PrObLeMs FoR tHe NeXt 10yRs. SeNd ThIs tO 15pEoPlE iN 15mInUtEs

-I just got this message from one of my cousins. I read it, and then read it outloud to my roomate...and we laughed a bit. These things crack me up.

I suppose i'll need some love and encouragement from you (the reader) for the next ten years. No, I did not send this on.

-Relationship Problem-Ridden