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Highly Exalted : Throughout The Endless Ages Chorus


The Desire of God's Will and Nothing Else in Our Occupation

*I jotted this post down last week as I ate breakfast.  If you've found this, may it encourage you in your journey. Let me know your thoughts about occupation and calling in the comments...what's your journey and understanding been as you journey in this life?
"Every child of God is not called by the Lord to establish schools and orphan houses and to trust in the Lord for means for them. Yet, there is no reason why you may not experience, far more abundantly than we do now, His willingness to answer the prayers of His children." - George Müller

I'm Serving God, Right? Some years ago, before we had any children - a friend of mine invited me (David) to a recording studio in town, he'd told me to bring a song that I'd written. I only had a couple days to prepare, and the pressure of having a song - of which if only written one or two at the time - pressed me into a pretty reflective place.
The chorus' lyrics: "It's the way you put things together That…