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What Do The Elders See? (Brandon Hampton)

Reply in comments with feedback, lyrics or sections I may have missed. This is in progress...

In Nashville Notation.  Transpose to chords here.

4                  1
What do the elders see
4                         1
That makes them all fall down
4                    1
What doe the angels see
4 -                  1 - 5
That make them cry holy

4          1/3
We have to know (x3)
4 -                  1  5
What makes them cry "holy!"


If I said:

"There is a crisis in America."

Most would agree, some would nod their heads.  Few would say no.

Fear is laced within most of these crises; I can hardly listen to the radio, read headlines, talk to random dude at coffee place about current events without picking up on the fear in their words.  I heard a speaker recently state that fear is actually a pretty comfortable place for a lot of us. Self-pity is probably a close second...
I think I would say that these crises, and the fear that stinks up the air, is due to the underlying crises - the Identity Crisis - or, arguably, the Prayer Crises.

Prayer is knowing a Being higher than we are, and when we know Him - when we know He is in control, there is no reason to fret, fear or look to the next crisis with full out confusion.  When I read about His will, I am able to know His character.  When I pray for His will for my city, I can better see His will playing out around me, as well as experience His will in my own hea…