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Adoption: The Gospel in Action

I couldn't avoid sharing this. Yes, the class is a little far for us southerners/midwesterners...but it's encouraging to read about the move God is doing in the church across the board. Sent to you via Google ReaderAdoption: The Gospel in ActionBy Deacon Paul Freed
This past spring, my wife, Rachel, and I felt God placed on our hearts the desire to adopt a child.
Often, when people hear that we are adopting I'm asked, "What country are you adopting from?" When I reply, "America," people look at me a little perplexed.I've found that many people tend to think about orphans in other countries, and not realize that we have an orphan issue of our own. In Washington State, there are currently 8,000 children in the foster care system, and just over 1,500 children are legally free and ready to be adopted.Orphan care is an issue that the church needs to own (James 1:27). It's about choosing life, caring for, and valuing children, while living out the gosp…


If you have ever thought, "Hey, all this stuff i'm writing is controversial/cool/hard work/worth saving!" - then here's the thing for you...especially if you like free versions of expensive stuff.  (Those are my favorite)

Make your blog into a book.  Go here:

Then export your blog. (Blogger makes that a little difficult, I had to revert to the "old blogger" to find the export button).  You will have a free PDF version of your blog to download after your done.  Free is good.

Great to know that I can have a copy on me when that stuff in Revelation happens...

And I can get rid of posts that I'd rather not have up any longer, since I have my backup now.  Enjoy.