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Interesting Things

Here are some things that I have been thinking about in the 'shallower' section of my mind. These things are things that don't need too much thought, but still are worthy of my processing.

-My friend Andrew is in the Military at Boot Camp right now. Cool, but he's kinda lonely without his buds around him. Can't really call him on the best thing; writing letters. Thing is, they read all the letters outloud when they get them. (them being the whole platoon of trainees.) So what do I write him? Hum.

-Sarah and I have been together for 1 year and 4 months.

-Water tastes better out of a Starbucks cup. Try it out, seriously. I've been drinking water out of a Starbucks cup for the past couple days. It's awesome.

-Skatnboard is really a middle school screen name. Problem is, everyone knows it, and I don't want to change it. That all said, I like it overall.

That's all. Time for bed. Don't think too hard.


When You Can't Do Anything About It

When you have two jobs for a period of time, more than likely you're going to have them conflict at one point. That's my case right now, actually. I'm trying to figure out if I can work both jobs at the same time. They're both in the same complex...same mall. I could like dress half uniform for each job and act stupid about it, then run from job to job every half an hour. I could have "really bad diharea" or something.

Anyways, I'll try to figure out what that's all about. Right now I'm listening to Andrew W.K.'s "Never Let Down." Cheesy remade-80s rock songs. I hated the 80s...why do I like Andrew W.K.? I have no idea. His stuff is catchy, though. He's great in concert too...really really energetic and crazy.

New Beastie Boys album is good as well. I sound all mainstream...hmmm.


Bocce and Sigur Ros

I have found that Bocce and Sigur Ros are some of the most relaxing things in this world. Bocce is an awesome lawn bowling game, for those of you that don't know, it is such a blast when you're playing with people who are just up for chillin a bit and throwing some balls around. No pun intended, thank you.

Sigur Ros is this Icelandic band that i've been listening to for about 3 or 4 months now, and they are excellent musicians. It takes a certain ear to find a liking to Sigur Ros, but if you have that ear, or just want to have some nice, easy background for homework or chillin, Sigur Ros is the stuff.

If you're here reading, thanks for coming. This page is a lot of fun, cuz I just put whatever i'm thinking about presently on "The Bin" here and I can come back and read it. It would be cool to have some "Recycling" going on too. Comments at bottom.


Something I Know About Any Relationship

There are always two choices when in a time of tension with a person: to push through the tension and work out the problem or give up by ignoring it.

Working it out will make you better together. Ignoring it will discontinue your relationship whether you ignore that or not.

This goes for friendships and exclusive relationships. Just something I was pondering.


Some Lyrics

"I need you here like you've always been"


Brand New Day

Hey All,

Just a reminder: Every day is new. Yesterday is is a new day.

Band to check out: Spitalfield (pop-punk/emo-ish)
They're coming to Cleveland actually for a free concert on July 21st @ the Rock Hall.

Much Love

The First Entry

This is the Recycle Bin. I plan on using this space updating you on what's been goin on in my head, what music i'm listening to, and whatever else I feel like typing about at the present moment.

Right now, my eyes are really dry and it is rediculously humid in my room. I am going to bed.