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5 sentence post 2

Let's see...

1. When kids turn two, I'm wondering if their chemical makeup changes in their brains...
2. Regional prayer is necessary - there are many people who come to this place to pray and focus on our region together.
3. Sarah is picking fresh produce from our backyard daily.
4. Camping is awesome and shopping for used camping gear is a close #2 in that awesome department.
5. I didn't think I would be a full-time missionary in my life and here I am about 3 weeks out from a year of doing so.


The 5 Sentence Update

Since it's been awhile and I have 30 seconds, here's a 5 sentence update: Sarah and I will be celebrating 4 years of marriage in a couple weeks!Our little man just turned two, and he is very two in challenging the rules of our home.I am praying a lot and making music with my voice/guitar a lot, and it's good! released a new version of their opensource versions of MSOffice programs; score!This month is celebration of 3 years in our house in Covington & 3 years in our current christian community. Blessings, David