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Supporting Our Favorite Artists

Hey Amigos,

I have recently been taking a different approach to supporting my favorite artists. Even though it's not going to every concert I can, or buying all the t-shirts, it is through a more direct buying process. I've found, which is a purchasing store that any artist can put their music on (even me!). The fees are minimal for artists to post, and they receive somewhere around .48c per song you purchase. (Correct me if you know a more accurate stat..that's from my research). This is more than most other music providers.

Also, I just purchased music today from Forerunner Music's MP3 page, which goes directly to the ministry. It's more like access to files you can download once purchased, but I believe that there are hardly any costs to posting the music (minus the webspace). (FYI: I got the new Misty Edwards Album, is a great purchase...22 tracks, great guitar work and the lyrics are solid)

I am posting this to encourage you to…

Chuck for Huck




Mike Huckabee.

I'm Speechless.

and laughing.


P.S. - Joyful laughing that is.