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That they may be one

I have a theory of what is going on in the church today. 4% of my generation is actually attending a regular church service and claim christianity as their religion. This is compared to a 40-something-% of our parents' generation.

Many of our generation (1983 to the year 2000, as generation is defined by 18 years) really doesn't get the religion-thing very well. I think we get love, but not religion, routine of church for the sake of having a routine.

Jesus prayed for unity in his prayer in gethsemane. The one disciple who stayed awake during that time must have written that one down. His prayer "that they may be one". Look at Christianity on sometime and you can see that we have issues. Here's an example of what happened to the protestant church:

So, we have some family issues. As soon as denomination mom and dad have an issue, they get divorced. The kids have an argument about who sits where, they don't speak to one another any longer.

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