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"Let's All Get A Disease"



Check out Proverbs 8. Go ahead, read it. Like the book of Proverbs, it's about Wisdom. Wisdom is something to seek after

I've been finding my way through the wisdom of Proverbs this past week...and it's been interesting. There's this lie that I have believed for some time. It sounds like "faith is faith...spirituality is more important than wisdom and knowledge," or, "you don't need wisdom or knowledge, you just need to sit there and wait for it to come to you." (Spritually, this would sound like: wait for God to give it to you.)

So...I found out why this is a lie.

Wisdom is referred to as a 'she' in this chapter and other times in Proverbs. Wisdom's monologue in this chapter gives great insight to my persuit of her.

"The LORD formed me from the beginning, before he created anything else. I was appointed in ages past, at the very first, before the earth began. I was born before the oceans were created, before the s…