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Self Discipline

I'm learning self discipline in my life currently. Practice is important for musicians, athletes and artists, but also professionals, public speakers, baristas and everywhere in between. Self discipline can be defined as doing the things we don't feel like doing. As the musical type, I can fall into this trap of 'feelings' - which are many times fleeting. We also cannot live off of adrenaline or inspiration; at least I can't. There's not enough juice in inspiration to keep me going for a month or a year. Usually, after the first couple days, i've lost the inspiration. Check out the football inspiration:

Inspiration and talent will only carry you so far. The habits you form will sustain you. One fall, in the panhandle of Texas, the local high school football team was enduring a terribly embarrassing season. Week after week, the hometown would show up and cheer to no avail; it was abysmal. Finally, a wealthy oil man could take it no longer. The week befo…