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Foster Care and Adoption, Part I


In 2008, Sarah and I attended a day-long prayer meeting.  It was kind of an event for us.  We spent time fasting and praying before that, praying together and getting ready the best we knew how.

During a portion of that meeting, we focused and prayed for children, namely orphans and those who needed adoption.  While praying, it was very obvious to me that God was calling me to be an adoptive father.

Kids were definitely not on my radar...I mean, seriously, we were DINK-ing it.  It was a fun time in our lives, both Sarah and I finally working full-time, owning a little house.  Yes, kids is the next  step, but it wasn't really on my mind.

So, there I was.  Three people around the room came to me after the meeting and said they noticed me and began to pray for me specifically about adoption while we were praying for these orphans.  The third person was Sarah, my wife.

So, that settled it.  Time was the only variable in question at this point.


Sarah's the specific-det…


In the dry time.
Pulled back,
band tight,
potential great,
sitting alone.

In the release.
I know now why
I waited.