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Derek Loux

I just remembered a story. It just so happens to be the reason I'm doing so much of what I am now. Adopting children and worship leading specifically.

After a little clinic session, Derek Loux told Director (at that time) Rusty that I should start a set. "Get him started," He said.  That was enough encouragement for me, despite a lot of lack of maturity and skill.

No, it's not an anniversary of Derek's life, birth, death or anything like that (that I know of).

I am reminded of the desire inside of me to have a wake of influence that glorifies God.  It may not look the same as Derek, but his passion, commitment and boldness to speak what he believed about children and orphans, music and Jesus was motivating for me.  I know there are many who live in the wake of Derek...

...who lived in the wake of God.

"and I will be a Fragrant Burning..."

Derek on "Fatherlessness" (Thanks, Mr. Cone)

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Foster Care and Adoption, Part II: Kids in Your 'Hood

As I mentioned in the part I, I was not looking for kids or planning for a family, but left a prayer meeting convinced that adoption was my next step...and my desire for children only grew as we progressed in our foster training.


As we engaged in our classes, I really didn't have a country to adopt from I was set on...many of our friends do.  China, Vietnam, Russia, even the USA.  These are all awesome.  I didn't have an inclination, neither did Sarah really.  Kind of like the little girl dreaming of the wedding in her future, many dream of their future adoption, and I was kind of disappointed in myself: I didn't have a 'dream country.'

Well, it all works together.

Our teachers weren't pushy, but began to tell us about the amount of children right in our own city that are waiting for 'forever homes,' or adoptive homes.  There are many reasons why children end up in Foster Care, and it's not their fault.  We learned that they've often been rem…