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City Gospel Mission, Exodus Graduation 2013

I was able to participate in the graduation ceremony for the Exodus Program at City Gospel Mission, Cincinnati.  This organization is inspiring & the work that is being done there is powerful.  I've been able to see these men each week for the past 6+ months and take just a small part in encouraging them through singing, music & prayer.

The stories of the men who graduated:
Graduates 2013 Stories

Here are photos of the event:
Jim Gormley Exodus Grad 2013 Photos

And videos of the music (I apologize for the off-tune guitar...)
Graduation A
Graduation B
Graduation C

Links to the organization:
City Gospel Mission Facebook
City Gospel Mission Homepage

Psalm 18 - Citizens

Hi Web,

Since it took me a bit of work to find the lyrics to "Psalm 18" by Citizens, I figured y'all could benefit from that work - and have a chord chart while you're at it.  I had a hard time finding this on the web elsewhere, so we (LifeChurch Norwood Team) had to run to the source, Mars Hill.  Thanks to Mr. Nathan Hall for your tattoos...I mean, your serving me by finding this!

Verse two lyrics are no longer a mystery.

Citizens - Psalm 18