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The Father Heart of God - June 2009

God as the true father. Understanding this will change my life. From last Sunday's PM Forerunner Christian Fellowship meeting. I've already listened to it twice, so I thought it was important to put it out there for others.

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Soy, papa.

I have a great life.

Music Has Power (Warning: Opinionated)


Greetings from NKY. The baby slept until 8am this morning, and only once woke up for a feeding. This is a great morning to chew on some things that are in my mind from the past week.

I believe this is my first response to a blog: a blog on RE:Sound blog [a new division of the Mars Hill/Resurgence family].

So, I read this blog about music that was written to counteract the act of burning, destroying, getting rid of, excluding all secular music when a person is converted. [I remember my dad telling me that he thinks his 1st ed. Zepplin LP kind of howled as he melted it in the fire. Seriously.] The writers' opinion was that destroying the music was simply an emotional expression of something inside, inspired by a teacher/preacher/youth pastor to get rid of immorality.

The point of the article was that it was not the music that carried the evil message. It was not the music that needed to be thrown out, it was the heart of the individual. The heart was evil [sinful, unr…


Much of my time right now is about archeology. Yes, I have been gardening; no, i'm not finding any dinosaurs.

My archeology concerns this: we all have been made for a purpose. A wise friend once told me that God doesn't make spare parts. I cannot take the place of my best friend, no matter how similar it seems we are. There has never been another you.

My issue lately is the latter part of this wisdom: God made each one of us for a purpose...and that purpose is deep inside, on the deepest part of the inside of us. The issue is, after one score and 5 years, a lot of my deepest part needs some brushing off. There's all this dirt from the world around me...bad advice from parents, friends, pastors, career coaches, TV, culture, Internet Blogs...(ahem). So, we have this project in front of us. For those following Jesus, I believe that life to the full is found in the discoveries made in this project. We must not compromise until we find this...we must stop following the d…

Chewing Your Food

A few weeks I realized that I eat too fast. Seriously. It might take the preparer 30-40 mins to make dinner...but it only takes me about 5-10 minutes to inhale. I consistently blame this on the fact that I grew up with 2 brothers and a dad who still eat more than many land beasts (horses, cows...). If you don't eat fast, you can't get seconds. So, vrooooom!

OK, so I found an article that helped me, and I wanted to share. I'm going to try to chew my food more. According to this article, it will not only help me enjoy food more, but it's healthier. Chewing Your Food

If it were not for the internet, I would never have written about this. Thank you, Al Gore.

Cincinnati Super Hero

I'm not the first to write about this. Lo, there is a news report, which has spanned the nation on Shadow Hare is the 21 year-old's name, and he's serious. He carries pepper spray, a tazer and handcuffs.

Yes. Seriously.

At first, I looked for the entertainment. But, if you check out this guys' blog he's serious.

After I got over the image and the costume (yes, I did laugh with the reporters), I felt something inside of me arise. "Justice" is the word that Shadow Hare says when interviewed. I desire fact, when I pray, I often pray for God's justice, the kind spoken about throughout the word. Defending the poor and needy, caring for the widow and the orphan.

On his blog he states that he stopped a guy from slapping his girlfriend around one evening. Now, I understand that not everything on the internet is true (thank you, Five Iron Frenzy) but something resonated with me when he began talking about the injustice of abuse.


Re: Frazz today

Dad sent me this today.

Testing the blog poster from email.  So if it doesn't show up...just laugh because it's good for ya.