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Negative Me?

"Show me a person who sees themselves in a negative light, and I will show you a person who sees others in a negative way." John C. Maxwell Be a People Person (116)

Ah...Mr. Maxwell has again put to words something I have been thinking about over the past weeks.

Why do I have a hard time treating Sarah well today?
Why can't I seem to enjoy my friends, or random people like I normally do today?

Why: I spent this whole past weekend concentrating on myself, my negative qualities, what I'm doing wrong, and what I need to do better. Sarah comes back from her weekend away, and I have a difficult time concentrating on her positive qualities. I have to really push myself out of the negative mindset in order to just listen to what her weekend was about without critiquing who she is, what she looks like, etc. It's a dangerous mindset to be in. This goes for everyone else I come in contact with as well. I could ward off anyone who comes within talking distance. A n…


It's already the fourth week of classes. Wow. I don't remember last semester starting out this fast. This being the second semester of RA-ing could have something to do with that. I'm used to my floor, all my new neighbors are awesome to get to know, and the returners are just cool in general. All the guys on G-Floor West respect each other, or are learning to respect each other, and that's what is making this floor's community what it is.

I titled this "prophecy" because I have just stumbled on a real-life situation in the past week, and God has given me me revelation about His prophecy in my life. My revelation is derived from a speech given by Graham Cooke. Graham says "God gives you a prophetic word [a word about your future] so you can go there in the Spirit and bring it back to the present." Graham goes on to explain that God gives us a word about our future so we can live out of that now. We receive words of prophecy from a person, or God …