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Myles pizza; this picture goes out to the wonderful servers at Myles. Not. From Left: Greg Hall (semi-shorter hair) Brett Yaccovella (how can you make your mouth do it) and Myself.
Freshman year, during a recording session with the fall semester band. Never really had a name...good pic tho. Thx to Nate.

Three Hours Sleep and I Miss You

Went to work today on like three hours of sleep, yet I think today was the coolest day at work. I was really personable with everyone that walked into Starbucks. That includes my pessemist Asst. Manager. Anyways, I think that the nap after a short nights' sleep is the greatest feeling a person can have, ever.

That feeling, of course, is next to the feeling of a real good poop.

And that feeling is next to the feeling of knowing you have friends that really care for you. It's been a really great summer getting to know my good friend Josh over the phone a bit as well as Dave Humphrey, Greg Hall and Steve Rieske. All relationships are harder when they are long distance, and I am remembering that during my summer here in Cleveland. Talking with Sarah is especially hard...and I can't wait to be back in BG to spend some good time with her.

I really miss my community of bras and chicas back at BG, and I am so excited to be around you again. I am really excited to see what happens in …