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Blender Ipod

This is a video of the brand of blender we use at Starbucks...making some interesting Frappuccino...

Maybe I'll post something not about Starbucks soon. ;-)

Merry Christmas!


BTW...who reads this?

Just wondering who reads this... :-) Drop a comment to let me know i'm not just entertaining myself.


Cinnamon Dolce lattes are SF version too!

Yep, that's right! Cinnamon Dolce lattes are back in just a couple weeks. Rollout is probably around January 2nd, and there's a sugar free version as well this year! Yep, it was that popular.

I'm excited to have it many people ask for it!

Sarah just finished her first re-upholstry project: a chair we got at an Estate Sale for $5. She purchased fabric for the job at a local fabric store, on sale for $15.

Vacuuming the chair after it came home. The chair really did have two legs. (BEFORE)

The re-upholstered chair. Notice the suitcase end table my wife created. Those were given to us. (AFTER)

Love & Merry Christmas,

New Pictures

Hey All,

Check out our new pictures!

the link is over here, too ----->



As we head into the holiday and celebration of what is really important, Sarah and I have taken to reading selections from "the Jesse Tree" advent readings in the Bible to help focus on the truth about the season. Last night's reading was from Genesis about the fall of man.

I found it interesting that the sin that separated God and man was not murder or rape or drug abuse...something 'serious' like our culture would point to. It was simple rebellion.

Now, that's not too profound, but it is interesting to me that I find some of my biggest sins (willful sins) are rebellion. I choose to go against what I know is right, and end up knowing in my spirit that I have chosen the wrong path on purpose. Nothing is worse than going off the wrong exit on the freeway. It's worse when you do it on purpose.

As David prayed:

13" Keep your servant also from willful sins;
may they not rule over me.
Then will I be blameless,
innocent of great transg…