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Paul Baloche: We are called as priests ("Beware the Stage" repost)

Lately I've been 'mentored' by a long-time musician and songwriter, Paul Baloche.  I have not been in personal meetings, coffee or dinner with he and his family.  No, actually, he has invested time and money into holding workshops for those called to music in the church.  Recently I traveled to Cedarville, OH to take part in his workshop on being a musician in The Church.

I got more than what I expected, for sure.  Paul Baloche is a blessing and a genuine priest before the Lord...'despite' the fact (or possibly, 'because of that calling') he's written many songs that we sing today.  (Just Google his name...if you've been to a Church recently, you've sung one).

Paul carries a message of truth that resonates so much with Chapdelaine Ministries (what I call the work our family does!)  Prayer and music [together!] have been our M.O. for some years now.

So, to hear Paul's perspective of his calling in his community at this workshop was very movin…

Giving to Chapdelaine Ministries, Prayer Movement

So, for four years my family and I have taken a step of faith to embrace music and prayer as missionaries in the city of Cincinnati.  We've also been called to adopt children in our city.  I don't think I've posted how to give & support our efforts in a while, so here's a simple step-by-step on how you can partner with us financially & give:

Supporting our family in this ministry financially:
1. Go to LCN's giving page (they're our partner church): Click Here

2. Select Chapdelaine Ministries from the drop down menu.

3. Fill out the form for a monthly recurring donation or one-time.

4. We receive 100% of what you give (no administrative fees) and it's tax-deductible. Sweet!

We couldn't do this without The Church.

Thank you!