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'el musico.' Un hombre tocaba la guitarra en la playa en Xalapa. (Mi, amigo Joe, y hombre de la playa) 

What Is True?

Hey Friend. Welcome back.

I think through a filter of lies too often. I let my mind become something like jello sometimes. This makes it so simple for lies to come and steal away the beautiful truth of my life! No doubt, my heart is infected with this jello shield. Therefore, this post will continue by exclaiming some truths about my life.

I have friends who truly would pick up another task in their busy lives to simply do me a favor. I think of my friend and roomate Nick Schultz first when I think of someone who likes to serve. In fact, Nick used to get kind of frustrated with me when I tried to serve him. Nick will walk down to the dorm eatery and ask me if I need anything. If I do, I don't hesitate to let him know...because it is more than a common courtesy when he asks. Sarah bought me sandals a week ago because I told her that I could use them. My friend Brett spent a couple hours creating slide pictures last Wednesday for me to use in a presentation. All's I did…

When you feel like you can't give life

The Restless Soul

My body aches.
I cough
and wake in the middle of the night
I dry heave
and wish it all would come up
I leave it be

I feel defeated again.
I cry
sickened by my own humaness
My inability!
and i'm frustrated
I want to do it myself!

I am distracted
I write
but I feel like everything will never stop!
When will it stop?

I will run to the safety
I hide
in midst of battle
I look for shelter
you say "I am. I am here..."