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Adoption is foundational

"Adoption is evangelism."

That's one of my favorite sayings, since early 2008-ish (yes, precisely early 2008-ish).  My continual prayer through all this life stuff is that my life will be one that 'evangelizes' the right stuff (or righteous stuff for you punny people) to my family.

"Adoption is foundational."

Another thought.

We are going through the process to adopt twice before 2011 is over.  Our immediate families now know, so now, you (world) can know.  The details of these two adoptions are night and day - but they end in the same result.  Two more Chapdelaine's.

While talking with my mom last night, we began talking about the slightly radical way of living.  This was after hearing of a death in the family.  This thought raced through my head - "if I knew I was going to die that young, I would do exactly what i'm doing right now."

Adopt kids.  That's on the bucket list.  [pencil check]