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How to Know You're The Favorite in the Family

How do you know you're the favorite in the family?

Sarah and I recieved this from her mom yesterday.

"If too much stress has not been made of the gifts of the Spirit, then too little has been said of the fruit of the Spirit."

This is a line I read over and over again to understand, a piece of Leonard Ravenhill's articles. Ravenhill was a friend to A.W. Tozer, and a mentor to Keith Green, one of my heroes. As you can imagine alongside names like those, his teachings are challenging and extreme, cutting to the heart of issues.

Check out this and more of Leonard Ravenhill's teachings.


Pray for Government

Recently I have been reading Shaping History, which is a very powerful book. It is a book that makes me feel like i'm getting punched when I really soak it in. Punched by my brother, that is. It is intense. It is short, and yet so very meaty. An 18 oz. steak of a book.

I have found out a place in my life that I am void. I live my life according to Paul's words: submit to authority (Rom 13:1) as working for the Lord. (Col 3:3). Until about 6 months ago, I did not live my life this way. Instead, I lived as if Jesus was a rebel against all authority.

Shaping History has reminded me, through the word, that God is the authority. "Let every person be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God. (Rom 13:1)" God has authorities placed in my life for a reason.

On top of that, as a believer of prayer and intercession I need to pray for these authorities in my life. I need to vote accord…


I work in a place where people are often complaining about their situations. Honestly, though that is most everywhere. I was challenged by an email I received this morning, to first get all my passive angers off my chest. The email suggested that I tell God what my frustrations are, and then be thankful for what I have. I have an incredible amount of blessings that disappear when I only look at things that I could complain about.

Thanks for what you have given me, God.