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As I write my December newsletter, I realize that there is a different crowd that scrolls my blog than receives newsletters.

So, I wanted to post info about supporting our family & ministry.  'Year-end' and 'tax-deductible' buzzwords are removed (er, except I just said them...)

What exactly are you supporting?  Prayer in the Cincinnati Metro for our city and our nation.  With music as a weapon, I lead prayer meetings around our city and disciple & encourage the body of Christ.  "Feed the children" foundation could be the name of our ministry, since much of the support we receive  goes to feeding 4 children in our family.

We live on the faithful giving of those who believe in what we are doing.  For over 3 years, this is how we've done it.

So, shamelessly, I post directions and link here:

1. Read all directions
2. Select "Chapdelaine Ministries" when you click on link
3. Fill out form.  One-time & ongoing support is available.
4. Link…