Lo-Fi Worship

Bifrost Arts from josh franer on Vimeo.

I saw this video on The Resurgence.  What a cool concept - to get the worship service back to roots and away from major production.  Not that the production is bad - it's just distracting at times.  Which is bad.  Hmmm.

I am sad that we do not all sing.  I am sad when I see people who refuse to sing in church, prayer meetings, etc.  I am sad when I do not sing (literally!).

There are many benefits to singing. When I sing I can ward off (or chase away) depression, declare truth over my life and pray to God.  Even humming can open up our sinus cavities.  (curious?  Google search it)

There are many benefits to singing together.  We encourage each other and we feel unified by our voices in unison.  (If we're really risky, the bible even commands us to sing spiritual songs to one another in Ephesians 5, so we should be doing that).

There are many benefits to playing music.  It's a learned skill - something that helps to open up our brains' capacities and stretches our creativity ('learning' is what I call 'staying young') and it's fun at times.  There are even more benefits to playing music together, as spoken of in this video.  It's hard, but worth the work!

I think the issue is that we don't play together in houses, for fun, Lo-Fi any more because of the stipulations - "are we a band?" "when are we going to play out?" "i'm not really good enough...".  All that crap comes down the brain shoot now-a-days when it comes to playing music together.

Why can't it just be enjoyable to do as our friend in the video says?  Why can't we just have "musical play night" instead of "movie night"?

Honestly, many of the meetings I lead are not high in attendance.  They are not performances.  Sometimes, the people that are singing outnumber those who are just there to pray/listen/soak/read.  I think this has helped me realize that the importance is definitely in our music making and not in the number of people that come.

I think it's time to sing again.  If the place we gather does not sing in unison, why not?  And why are we still hanging out there...?


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