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Creative Partnerships - Make Adoption (continue to) Happen

So, our family has taken a pretty big step out in faith and ministry work, turning our home into a family that brings in orphans and (sometimes, eventually) adopts them for good when we're given the chance.  We've been supported in faith, by faithful supporters like you who give to our ministry.  We're looking like we're going to expand here in the next couple months.
I've been thinking about specific needs we have each month, and came up with a little list of creative partnerships.  You can help us make permanent homes for children by joining our team.
Creative partnerships: How can you partner with our family ministry of adoption?
Chap-de-training Partnership Diapers:  $45/mo.
Keeper of the Flame Partnership Date night: (including sitter for 5-6 kids): $75
Protien Partnership Milk & eggs:  $92/mo
Fill Our Tank Partnership Fuel: $175/mo.
Feeding The Masses (not thousands, but seems like it sometimes):  Monthly Costco Trip: $300-350/month

Just some examples here. If you do sign up …