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Good day to you,

I was walking from one of my classes today, thinking about my thoughts. I realized that most of the time, my thoughts are incomplete. I think in half sentences, or just words, which can allow some really negative things get in. I have heard from teachers, like Graham Cooke, that I should take each thought captive; it is, however, I realized how polluted my head can get if I let half-thoughts take over. It also stifles my ability to communicate when I think incomplete thoughts.

So, the reverse: think whole thoughts. Think complete thoughts. When I really think about what is going on in my head, when I take my thoughts captive, I have a clearer view of the things going on around me, my worries and anxieties (that should be given to God!) and the real hurts and pains hidden deep in my heart.

Today I was feeling this dankness while walking back from one of my classes. When I completed the thought "I just want to eat..." it became "I jus…

I used to be emo...

Welcome Back.

So, what does that mean? "I used to be emo?" Hum. Emo is a "sub-culture" growth, which has exponentially become more popular over the past couple years. It mostly includes teens and twenty-somethings who have adopted a 'heart on my sleeve'ideal. Much of the culture derives from music artists in the 'emo' genre.

When I was all about the emo way of life, I let my heart out and left it on my sleeve. I knew I was hurting, and I was not afraid to sing my lungs out and scream at the top of my lungs to my most heart-touched songs.

There will probably be more about this in later posts; this post is mainly about the change and condition of my heart now, post-emo...present-Jesus.


"...I have come to bind up the brokenhearted."

It was finally "cool" for me to bear my heart. For so long, I lived in this culture of covering myself up. I didn't have to cover my feelings, my memories, my heartbreaks. What did that mean…