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You Are My Rock (You Are My Refuge)

"David, what are you doing posting another song when the one you posted the other day isn't finished?"
I know, I know.
But, upon finding it buried in a website, I wanted to post it:

You Are My Rock
(Nashville Notation) Verse: 1 You are my rock and there is no other 1 You are my rock
Pre-Chorus: 6m You alone are my strength  4/6m                            4         (you can play this line with just the 4 chord, if you want)  You alone are my strength 
Chorus:  4                6m You are my refuge  5                 1/3 You are my tower of strength  4                 6m You are my shelter  5               1/3 I run into your name 
Tag:  4         6m     5 I run into your name  1/3      4   6m    5 I run into your name 
Possible Arrangement: drop-D  1: 0100232  2: 222000 (barred)  1/3: 4×0230  4: 5×0035  5: x02220  6: 024430  5/7: 040230
Again, Nashville transposing website:
...but, I suggest learning is so quick to transpose!

Scott's Blog: Asleep in storm

I know not (personally) one person who works so diligently and thinks so thoroughly about his art pieces as my friend Scott. I was pleasantly surprised to see he is now sharing with the world the things he does in the quiet place.


Seven longings of the human heart via Scott Fairchild by asleepinstorm on 3/26/12

Seven Longings of the Human Heart, 16.5"x18", 2012 This artwork was done from the book, 7 Longings of the Human Heart, by Mike Bickle. This link is a direct free download to the book in pdf format.

"I'm Tired"

In High School and College, this was my response to most "how you doing?"  It wasn't an accurate response, most of the time.  I think this response is still pretty normal in culture, because of how much honor we get or feel for our 'busy-ness.'  I'm guilty of this one as well; one finger pointing out, three pointing back at me.

Now, we have so much change going on in our home, I actually am tired.  (Why am I so tired? Latest newsletter goes into details. Join our support team by emailing me...)
So, should I take massive time off to recoup?  Should I find a napping room mid-day?  More coffee? (this one is already taking place... bad question)
Most of this tiredness is the demand from Sarah and my responsibilities at home, classes, relationships.  I'm reminded of a quote from a friend: "Get married: find out how selfish you are.Have kids: find out how really selfish you are.Parents move in with you: find out how really, really selfish you are." May…

All Is For Your Glory - Chords, in process

Update: August 4, 2012

Here's the most recent edition.  We sang this in our local church gathering last, it's been proven to work.  Enjoy.  I've included the bass walk in the verses.  If you have that low - B brings that extra emphasis in the end...

D/B                  D/A
All is for Your glo-ry
D/B                  D/A
All is for Your na-ame
D/B                  D/A
All is for Your glo-ry
That in all things 
You would have the first place
That in all things
You would have preeminence

D (hold)

                     G                                                 D
There's just one chief end to man's purpose
                     G                                           D
There's one main reason for existence
                     G                               D
All man's vain and high ambitions
         Em                   G …


I found myself humming the melody to this one a couple weeks ago.  It's a toughie.  But, once I got it in my head, I couldn't get rid of it.  What a great truth included here:

"...His love goes deeper than the pain that I feel His love is stronger than depression and fear..."
Take a listen, enjoy.

Because there's something wrong...

...with getting a "donate" button on the webpage:

Grrr...I'm one step closer to wordpress...

March Ambiguous-5-Sentence Update

1.  We are going to grow significantly as a family this month in number.
2.  "You can only play one at a time," - Steve Rittmeyer on guitars...yes, I'm looking to step up my guitar game, now.
3.  "Why don't you write songs?" - Friend.  *gulp*
4.  The Aeropress has become our favorite coffee maker.
5.  Babysitters are going to become key for Sarah and my relationship.

6.  The book of revelation is encouraging.