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Of all the things i've learned...

...two things stick out the most to me today:

-I am a process and in progress.

-Without Truth every day, there is only despair.

"Guide me in truth."

Hot Chocolate


I sat down and read some Proverbs today, and let me tell you, there are so many Proverbs. I feel a little overwealmed when I read all of them...for example:

My Thoughts While Reading Proverbs:
"OK...'Good people are guided by their honesty.' remember that; next verse...'Riches won't help on the day of judgement, but right living is a safeguard against death.' What? Wait...I was just learning about honesty. Crap...where is this going?"

If I'm not totally paying attention, I miss a verse here and there. That stinks because each little verse in Proverbs is oozing with wisdom. So it is important to pay attention. My confusion and frustration doesn't really concentration on the actual text does, though. I gets soaked in.

One verse stuck out to me today: "It is foolish to belittle your neighbor; a person with good sense remains silent" [Prov. 11:12]. I feel like most people I know don't really talk negatively…