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July in Review

Whew. What a month.

Many things have happened in this past month. Let me see...

1) Our little Ember left our family to join her bio-grandparents on the 7th of this month. We were able to prepare our hearts and her belongings before she left, including written letters for later in her life. For a couple days after, Sarah and I were sad. God answered our prayers, however: we prayed for His will to be done, and wanted to align our hearts no matter what the decision may be. After three days of random crying and emotional ups and downs, we were fine and excited to remember her. We pray for her a lot and I believe God has a great purpose for her life...her story is already so beautiful.

(Ember's last night with us. She wouldn't sleep unless she was on my shoulder that evening. Odd, or God?)

2) [the day after...] We received a call from a foster mom the next day asking us about respite care (foster-care babysitting). We didn't know, but the foster care workers were already …