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An update on life:

Sarah and I are getting cozy in our new apartment in Cincinnati (Who Dey!), and by 'cozy' I mean there's still a bit of cleaning up to do. I'm sitting in our guest room/office right now among file-folder boxes, guitars, a tandem bike (one of our greatest wedding gifts) and other random articles that have revealed themselves over the past few weeks of unpacking our things.

Mostly, Sarah and I have been spending time together during the afternoons, as our work shedules do not exactly align yet. We've been checking out various estate and garage sales around the area, and we've found some great things! Sarah made an end table out of some vintage suitcases, and we gleaned a 60's-look chair for our living room. We found a ladder and an oil-filter wrench as well.

I have also been enjoying my new Scion, in which I can listen to the new mewithoutYou CD that came out yesterday. What a great album! As for the Scion(2), I have been blessed to hav…

I started to date a girl my freshman year...

...and now, we're one!