New Songs Of Praise: Why I Believe Hymns are Necessary

Something that I think about often is the way to engage many generations in worship. Mostly, the 4 that are living on the planet now...just staying relevant, y'know!

Recently, I led worship at a conference with a mix of both baby boomers+ and young people (probably 75% boomers+). I didn't realize this, but the song selection I had was pretty "on" when it comes to the guidance from this blog post from David Good, a seasoned worship leader (27 years in the church leading, God bless him!):

New Songs Of Praise: Why I Believe Hymns are Necessary: "As a worship leader, I am in a quandary. At 48 years of age and after doing this for 27 years now I find myself in the unique position of ha..."

Not losing the Hymns and where we have come from is very important - I did sing a hymn mid day at the conference. It was a bit different in rhythm ("Come Thou Fount"), but the reason was to make it singable for all attending.

Anyways, this post is probably just more for me, for notes, for the purpose of not forgetting what i've learned from mr. David Good.

Es Todo.


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