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Sbux Crestview Hills

Starbucks - Crestview Hills2 out of 5 stars
The sad thing is, it was our coffee going out of town.  We usually make a couple stops on the way out to get coffee (and, honestly, unless I know the indie shops on the way, we avoid them because of the inconsistency in the cup we get at those shops! Maybe if there were a string of indie shops that all agreed to make their coffee consistent...oh, wait...that would not make them indie shops...ack!)
Anyways, the service was the killer here.  The baristas were rushed, and I was barked at by our drink-making barista.  I honestly think she was stressed out because of the barista taking our order and how he was writing it on the cup (it helps to know what kind of drama happens behind the counter there).  In the end, we, the customers, were the victims, though.    

Reflect On!

I do have to say: this years' batch of Oktoberfest from Great Lakes Brewing Co. is wonderful.
Today is my birthday.  I told my wife when she asked how I was feeling about my birthday "I feel pretty reflective this birthday."  She responded "and you're normally not?"  
"Not particularly."
She said, "You're always reflecting."
Maybe that's why other bday's haven't stuck out.  I am continuously thinking, continuously reflecting.  And I'm OK with that.