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Kids' Music and Songbirds

Oh, how to ail the lack of blog posts?

Well, post a link to another blog, of course.

This past Sunday, Sarah told me she heard a track from kids' Sunday school that she really enjoyed.  So, I found the album and purchased it.

"Little Songbirds" is the album title...and I just saw Mr. Randy Bohlender posted something on it recently, so, here:

The tracks are catchy, and are medicine for the suffering parents' ears.

That was an easy blogpost.  Now pray for me, that I get some sleep...please?

Steward: Expense Tracking

Wow, how exciting: a blog post about accounting.  Eww.
If you're still reading (thanks), hear me out. 
I was recommended early on in business and ministry to begin to tracking my milage and expenses for tax deduction.  One coworker of mine said that one year his tax bill ended up being a tax refund because of his tracking of expenses.
Sales guys know this stuff.  Ministry guys should know this stuff.  Musicians: using your gear for ministry?  It's deductible.  Do you volunteer at church?  It's a lower rater per-mile, but there's a deduction for that, too.  Keep track, and Uncle Sam doesn't get mo' money than he deserves.
So, now, how to track it all?  For the last years I've used a printed out excel sheet that I found, and kept track there.  That worked...about 25% of the time I wrote down my milage.
Then I found an app.  I had never (seriously) never bought an app after having an iPhone for 9 months.  I'm a bit of a cheapo when it comes to that.  What did I…