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Toddler Warning

Sarah called me twice yesterday informing me while our little one was acting a bit rebellious.  Maybe it's that human nature coming out - but then I talked to another friend whose toddler was also acting a bit off.  Any other parents of toddlers experiencing this?  Just curious...maybe it's the weather, allergies or spiritual?

What Am I Studying?

While I was settling into my local coffee place today, I ran into one of my old coworkers.  Laptop and book in tow for a little autonomous time, I asked her how her kid was, she asked how ours was.  Then she asked me "so, what are you studying now?" her eyes darting to the tools I was carrying.

So, then a question came to my mind:  do I need a degree in this stuff for it to be legit?

I study and study and study.  The tests often daily; at least weekly.  Books, videos, CDs, teaching, talks and museum visits.  The whole caboodle.

I don't think details of the subject I study are necessary (can you guess?).  Degrees are very useful things.  Concentrated study and focused goals, and an approval stamp that you've been through the classes required can be very helpful and evidence that we've learned a lot.

Or that we really didn't learn squat.

There may be a day that i'm studying for another degree.  As for right now I am studying, with intentioned seriousness, f…