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Cincinnati Coffee Reviews: The Coffee Emporium, Starbucks Atrium, Bean Haus

So, I had this idea this past week to put up coffee houses I have been to, and my reviews of these coffee houses. I tend to visit 'the bux' fairly often, so I think I will even put my reviews of those Starbucks I have visited in here, because (despite corporation...) there are unique-ness-es to each bux. I have had good coffee and experience, and I've left with a bad taste in my mouth (no pun there. Seriously).

I am a coffee drinker. When I say that, I mean that I drink coffee, and good coffee. My roots are in Seattle. Born in the northwest, I think there's something in me that knows good coffee, that detects the carefully-roasted and preparation of the drink. I have enjoyed drinking it since I was 12 years old (my first mocha @ DesMoines, WA QFC parking lot drive-thru espresso), worked coffee for 5 years, and drink it almost every morning from my personal press. There's the qualifications.

3 Locations, Cincinnati Area
***** - 5 stars