Family Focus

Recently I was told that family focus needs to be high on the priority list.  Duh.  But it's not "duh."  Our culture pretty much goes the opposite direction - and getting caught in the culture swell is easy.

The enemies are out to destroy.  So we duck and cover.  Not.

When I was reminded of this truth about family - I looked at my own priorities and saw that I tended to look like the culture in more ways than I liked to see.

Lots of time with family - engaged with family.  Our family is a troop, and Sarah and I are leading it.  And our troop looks different month to month, especially recently (we just got a new little guy last week...).  We need more than to be on the same page through life - we need some together time, alone, to make this all the real deal.

We make fun of Covington a lot (where else do you see man and wife riding a 50cc scooter sharing a cigarette on the main drag?) - but thanks to the awesome Fairchild family taking over kid responsibilities for the night, we were able to ride our tandem bike (great wedding present from my bro) enjoy some of the beauty of the Cov.

Tree growing out of my head.  Good looking girl, tho!

Pretty lady, awesome hair dude.

Solo shot of me and the skyline...


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