June 14 Five-Sentence Update

1. Our family is currently 4 (again).
2. Youth group coming to C-HOP tonight to learn about the Prayer Room, prayer and music.
3. My hair is short, which means (apparently) I need a haircut more often.
4. We seem to have lost our family point-and-shoot camera (bummer.)
5. Observation: how amazing is is that a guitar has only 6 strings, and it seems that we have yet to finish it's potential (or maybe say it this way: a guitarrist who says "i'm just bored" is in cop-out mindset.)

Bonus: Those of you who are waiting for a support letter this month, we're working on it! (Sorry for the delay, new printer, figuring out labels...)


  1. And to those of us who haven't sent your support in (like last month), we'll bring it with us to your house!!! Bah!!!!!

  2. Sarah - great to see y'all. Thanks for being faithful and giving! We love the TJ's and WholeFoods GC's. A real treat, and healthy.

    Edit to #1 - we are now 5. For the moment, at least...


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